Pideka is the medicinal division of Ikänik Farms, servicing LATAM and the EU. Pideka is authorized by the Colombian government to cultivate, produce, manufacture and distribute cannabis derivatives and seeds for medicinal, scientific and commercial sale.

The company is commited to improving the quality of life for millions around the world through the cultivation of medicinal grade cannabis and furthering R&D for genetic optimization and through applied sciences, the company hopes to better aid in the treatment of disease.

Annual Yields

16,000+ lbs dried flower

1400 Liters of finished extract

80,000 SQ. Ft. of production

State of the art indoor facility

Environmentally friendly design

PIDEKA is the only licensed indoor producer of cannabis in Colombia containing a tissue culture laboratory. (Undergoing final stages of GMP, GPP and GACP certifications)

Pideka's leadership team has experience in all areas of cannabis cultivation and production. The founders demonstrate a history of leadership through cannabis-based medicinal products and therapies in Colombia, having documented treatments of over 1,600 patients.

PIDEKA has registered 55 genetic strains with the ICA prior to the closing of the registration window on December 28, 2018. The various strains are comprised of 28 THC/CBD, 5 CBD Centric and 22 THC focused.

Phytosanitary Seed Bank

With accumulated knowledge through years of experience and R&D, Pideka has developed a seed bank with phytosanitary certification, specializing in genetics for the treatment of disease.

International Management

Borja Sanz de Madrid

President, Ikänik International

Borja brings over 15 years experience in emerging markets. Formeer CEO of inhabit SAS Colombia, a leading import, export company who introduced innovative European construction technology and products to the Latin AMerican market. He is the managing director of BCE investment group and sites on the board of Sanz International Jewelry Group, as a third generation "Sanz", whom serve the Spanish and Moroccan royal familes.

Sergio Ruiz

Director of Business

Sergio studied Chemistry at the Autonomous University of Madrid and Law at the College Cardinal Cisneros, MBA and is part of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Sergio brings years of operating leadership and experience through his career of running multiple companies in the construction sector.

Additionally, he is the founder and partner of the Group Avantia.

Denis Contri

Founder/Pideka Head of LATAM Cultivation

Denis brings 24 years of cannabis cultivation and R&D experience, leading his team to 7 Cannabis Cup victories in Colombia. He studied at the University of Cannabis, Amsterdam in 2001 with continued educatino until 2005. Denis worked in the pharmaceutical division for the CAM group in Capri, Italy, from 2002 to 2008. He has developed innovative extraction methods and new genetics for specific treatments. He continues to lecture at various cannabis events around the world.

Javier Garcia

Head of Agronomic Research and Development

Javier is an Agricultural Engineer with a PHD in Science. Bringing 14 years of R&D and senior leadership experience with scientific and research teams.

He oversees R&D and agronomic development for PIDEKA and leads the breeding program, continuing the development and optimization of genetics.

Jose Fernando Varela

Head of Engineering / Grower

Jose studied electric engineering and economics at the Pontifical Bolivarian University, and project management at Eafit. He worked as an engineer and project manager nationally and internationally, including ENMON Accessories, LLC in TX, US. Combining education and passion he began cultivating craft cannabis in 2000.

Soap: Topical treatment of psoriasis

Sublingual: Participating database of 1,600 patients treated for:

  • Refractory epilepsy in children
  • Epilepsy in adults
  • Alzheimer
  • Some forms of cancer

Inhalation extracts: Chronic pain, nerve pain, fibromyalgia and some forms of cancer.

Creams: Psoriasis, skin inflammation, allergies and localized pains.

Oils: Topicals for muscle and nerve pain.

*The above product(s) are currently under research and development in Colombia. Product descriptions are for non US-markets and have been provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

The Company is building partnerships with government and academic institutions, generating research and development to support long-term, scientific growth for Pideka's Medical Cannabis Project.

*Pideka and Pontifical Bolivarian University of Medillin have commenced on a collaborative research project, focused on treating colon cancer with cannabinoids through nanotechnology.

*Pideka and Tadeo Lozanzo University, have begun to develop and analytical method for quantifying the potency of cannabinoids, supported by an internationally accredited laboratory.

*Pideka is developing research in conjunction with the ICA for the experimental producion of cannabis in controlled environments.

*Pideka and AGROSAVIA have signed a memorandum of understanding to generate knowledge of high scientific value in the cannabis production system for medicinal and scientific use.

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