Life is a series of moments

At Ikänik Farms we understand that the seasons come with highs and lows. Although the lows serve their purpose as a time to plant seeds of new growth, we thrive for the moments of harvest. The moments where ordinary places, ideas, and people become extraordinary. So embrace the moment and enjoy the High.

GMP-PHARMA Certification

Ikänik Farms has been issued Good Manufacturing Practices-PHARMA (GMP-PHARMA) certification for its Casa Flores cannabis camp in Colombia.

With this new certification, Pideka will have the ability to export pharmaceutical grade finished cannabis extract products to European markets from its state-of-the-art Casa Flores camp. Casa Flores is the first cannabis manufacturing facility in Colombia to receive GMP-PHARMA certification for both its cultivation and manufacturing facility.

Palm Springs

Ikänik Farms has secured a lease to operate an all-in-one dispensary and cannabis consumption lounge in Palm Springs, California (Opening date May 2020).

Located just off the city’s famed Palm Canyon Drive, this unique dispensary and consumption lounge offers vacationing cannabis consumers from around the globe an opportunity to connect through Ikänik’s products.


With our recent acquisition of PIDEKA, we will work together to improve the quality of life for millions of people in the world by cultivating high-quality medical cannabis in a sustainable way. We investigate new ways to create strains that pinpoint different diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, dementia, depression, Parkinson’s disease and more.

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